Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to achieve everything you want out of life.

I'm sick of reading about Lena Dunham. This is mostly because I'm jealous. (Whenever my dad asks me if I want something, I tell him that I really would just like him and mother to be featured in the Atlantic already so I can hurry up and write my own television show) but I love reading piece about strong female writers because their careers and cultures are attractive to me.

So attractive to me that I could pee myself with how badly I want to be involved with that culture. This is differently then wanting something that someone else has, this is a deep understanding that you are not in the field that you are supposed to be in.

Ever since I turned 22, I've been in a series of mini crisis, under debate of what my evolving future is looking like. I worry about if this doctorate-bound intellect really did wants to be a tinseltown creative? And then I worry, ohmygosh, do I even have what it takes? I'm dying over here.

How do I say no to either option? Writing had been one of my largest passions growing up, it's what I studied in college, it's what I pursued when I procrastinated everywhere else in my life. So, I decided that I need to find a way too be able to reach these goals. I suppose this is what failing in your twenties is for.

During my summer break I am taking three months to practice anything, just anything to get my creative juices going. I've got three "big" dreams that I want to be able to accomplish before I get old and have children or a job or anything that creates less time.

This also has forced me to start working with my friends. I present my four major ideas to my friends/family members as my first round of market testing, and then I jump into it. There are a variety of things that I'm working on here. One is a non-profit, another is a book I want to get published, and the third is a youtube channel, and the forth is a possible professional roller derby career. Well, as professional as those things go.

The only way to touch the basis of "accomplishing what you want out of life" is to just try in the first place, but not all at once. Giving myself a time frame means that for three months I'm going to do my absolutely best, work my hardest, and see how much I can accomplish for myself. Should make for an interesting blog, at the least.

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