Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What to do after your first car accident.

After walking into my bedroom after my first car accident, I flossed my teeth. I passed the dentist on my way home from my first car accident, and decided that since my next appointment was around the corner from my current season of tragedy (re: my first car accident), the last thing I needed was to get any new cavities. I then sat in bed and watched episode after episode of Eureka and tried not to cry.

On my way home, I almost wish I had a brain gadget that could record my inner dialogue. It went something like this: I never want to drive again. What if I just don't move and let myself die in this Arby's parking lot? I hope that the cop appreciates that we pulled of here. After he gave us our reports his buddy cop parked next to them and they grabbed lunch together. I wonder what all the cars driving by think of me. My broken headlight sits there like a badge of shame. I wonder how many routes there are that will prevent me from ever going through this intersection again.

It was a small incident. We were at an intersection, and I had just started to move forward. I swear it was like some Star Trek movie scene because her car literally came out of no where. I even checked my blind spot, like my parents taught me! I haven't been able to reach my dad, but that's probably okay, because I'd just cry. And I'm fine! I don't understand being a woman and having these hormones. I didn't cry when my mom was there, because I was fine! And the other driver was fine! I cried with the insurance agent, though. I think it was because she had the "I'm so sorry that you were in an accident and are you sure you're okay?" voice (which I'm sure she was hired for). I started crying on the spot. I'm crying right now just thinking about it.

This isn't a very useful post for anyone googling "what to do after you have your first car accident", so here are some solid take aways:

Things to do after your first car accident:
-- do start flossing.
-- don't get in another accident. it will just make you feel worse.
--  do spend the rest of the day in bed, if that is a luxury afforded to you.
-- don't despair about how the accident was a metaphor for your directionless life.
-- do cry to someone about it, even if it's just your insurance claims agent.
-- don't throw your keys into the woods or the ocean. you will drive again, my comrade.
-- do cut back on the lattes to save for the bump in your insurance premiums.
-- don't start smoking to manage your stress.
-- do let your friends come over and make you cookies while you cuddle during a movie.


  1. There's nothing wiser than calling a lawyer you trust to help you with the claims and benefits you are legally entitled with if you become a victim of a car accident. That's the best thing you can do in this kind of situation. But of course, you could always floss your teeth afterwards and have some friends come over for comfort. :)
    Vesta Duvall @ The Zalkin Law Firm, P.C.

  2. I can only imagine the inner battles that you’ve experienced right after the accident. Based on your story, you’re just a victim of the situation, so you don’t have to pressure yourself about lots of things. Anyway, hope you received the right compensation to repair your car. How are you now? :)